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Google users can still buy invisible products


I have this problem for years now


I am a Shop11 user and the same problem is still the same as with all the older Shoptodate versions


When people find a product using Google which is not in my shop any more because it is sold out at his moment and is not visible in my shop, they can still buy it.


When something is not visible in my webshop is should not be possible to buy it anyway.


There should be a link between being visibel or not and shop function


It would be a big improvement






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Only deactivate the "Buy Button" by set it visible in a past time... So it is then not possible to order... 😉 🙂

MfG Uli

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Thank you


This is a great trick 🙂


I asked the helpdesk before but they had a complicated system which was a lot of work every time




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